Radical Bear Hunter by Dick Scorzafava

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Radical Bear Hunter presents an innovative approach that gives hunters an edge for success, with valuable information on reading bear sign, hunting with hounds, spotting and stalking and setting up scouting cameras. Softcover - 212 pages. 
Based on his own trophy harvests, Scorzafava advises on how to choose the right outfitter or coordinate a do-it-yourself hunt. He also shares some hair-raising close calls with monster bears - radical experiences that will resonate with would-be adventures. 
* Radical strategies for hunting the elusive and challenging black bear.
* Detailed guide to bear biology and population information, including where to find monster bears and color-phase bears.
* Essential tips for field judging trophy bears and reading bear body language.
* Complete rundown of North American bear hunting hotspots.
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Book Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine by Don Muggli.
This is a book you have got to read! Dick Scorzafava has spent a lifetime studying and hunting black bears. On page one he states, I grew up running behind beagle hounds with my dad and later I got into running first-class bear hounds. He goes on to say on page 5, I spent thousands of hours with the biologist collecting data to monitor population levels, the age structure, and the reproductive parameters of sows. I remember the first time I crawled on my belly into a bears den to tranquilize a sow so that we could change here telemetry collar. And, I have hunted these magnificent creatures in almost every state or Canadian province that allows black bear hunting, I have killed more than a hundred bears and while guiding or being part of a group during very close to nine hundred harvests. No question, Scorzafava has my undivided attention as a man who knows what he is talking about! This book is divided into 17 chapters with a few of the titles being: Understanding the Black Bear, Reading Bear Sign, Reading a Bears Body Language, Baiting the Black Bear, Spot and Stalk, Hunting with Hounds, Special Hunting Techniques and How to Field Judge a Bear. Scorzafava has a clear and succinct writing style that captivates the reader while thoroughly explaining the subject matter. His depth of experience with bears pops off of every page. Scorzafava uses the term RADICAL, starting with the title and continuing throughout the book. Here is what the dictionary has to say about this word, Of or going to the root or origin; fundamental. Well, his information positively goes to the root of the subject and is totally grounded in the fundamentals. One could easily supplant the word Expert for Radical and you would not be missing the mark. Scorzafava is an absolute expert bear hunter and reading his book will help you become a better bear hunter, regardless of your experience level. My personal library of bear books now contains over 50 titles, all of which, I have read once and many more than once. However, this is the book I plan to re-read before my upcoming Alaskan spring bear hunt. I give this book a 4 out of 4 paws rating. It is well written and the subject is thoroughly covered. It is a book written by a dedicated and enthusiastic bear hunter with a lifetime of bear hunting experience.

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