Jim Shockey's Point-Blank Bears

$ 14.99

71 minutes
Old-growth temperate rain forest towers to fog-shrouded mountain peaks. Pacific Rim humidity drips from branches hanging across the grassy game trail, and ahead, a giant, jet-black hungry black bear hulks. Tearing at branches 7 feet off the ground, the boar marks his territory during the spring breeding season, daring anyone or anything to challenge him. Closer, your guide hisses. We need to get closer. Knowing the rainforest can swallow a wounded bear, Shockey demands a closer, better angle. This is a scenario that plays out literally dozens of times each spring on famed wild Vancouver Island. Home to the highest black bear population density on earth, and an incredible number of world-class decades-old boars, the island lures big games most serious adventurers. Point-Blank Bears takes you to drool-dripping distance. Now, take him, ... hes a giant! Shockey hisses as the monster boar lumbers broadside, about to disappear for good. The gun booms, smoke mixes with low fog, and the trail is empty... welcome to the jungle of Point-Blank Bears.

Video Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine.
If you like to see bears up-close and enjoy the excitement of spot and stalk hunting, you will want to see this video. Vancouver Island, British Columbia is the location and bears, bears and more bears is what they have to offer. Hunting along both open and closed logging roads and glassing clear cuts is the best way to locate a bear and judge not only its size but if it is a boar or a sow. Eight hunters, including a woman and two boys, take ten bears with rifle and muzzleloader. It is amazing to see a group of five people stalk so close to these big bears. Shockey shares some information on bears and bear behavior throughout the video. The guides take the needed time to determine if a bear is a boar or a sow before allowing a hunter to shoot. They would much rather let a bear go, even a big one, if they are not sure it is a boar. With so many bears on the island, if a stalk does not work out it will not be long before another is found. Working your way closer and closer to a feeding bear can be pretty exciting and the adrenaline keeps going even after the shot. There are several first-time bear hunter and it is always great to see their experience and excitement, we just wish they showed the hunters with their bears a bit better. Overall, this was a great video but it could have been a little longer at only 71 minutes. We give it a solid 3 1/2 paws.

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