Field Judging Black Bears

$ 15.99

With Black Bear Expert Richard P Smith
What you need to know to avoid ground shrinkage!
46 minutes - Bears of all sizes - Four Boone & Crocket Kills
Learn to distinguish males from females and record book size animals
Black bears are one of the most difficult big game animals to field judge for a number of reasons. Consequently, many beginning bear hunters, and even those with some experience under their belts, find themselves confronted with ground shrinkage when they walk up to a bruin they shot. Besides shooting a bear smaller than they would have liked, some hunters end up shooting females when they would have preferred to have taken a male, but did not know how to tell the difference. Richard P Smith in cooperation with other experienced hunters have came up with a number of simple methods that anyone, regardless of experience level, can use to successfully field judge black bears. This video provides the audio and visual information you will need to accurately judge the bears you see in the field.

Video Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine.
Finally, a video to help bear hunters learn to judge the size and sex of the bears they see. Richard P. Smith has over 40 years of bear hunting and photographing experience and has seen a lot of bears over those years. He has become very good at judging bears and has some simple methods to share with other hunters. Smith knows that bagging any legal bear can be rewarding but many hunters experience ground shrinkage when they see their bear up close. Learning to judge bears will help us to know what size bear we are taking and, if we are hunting for a large bear, we will know which bears to pass on. Richard not only talks about the ways to determine if a bear is a male or female or if it is a small, medium or large bear, he also shows video footage and photos of many bears to describe what he is talking about. Most hunters do not have the opportunity to see many bears on a hunt, or multiple hunts, so seeing a variety of bears with somebody explaining what they are looking at is very helpful. To make a judgement on the size and sex of bears you have to use a variety of methods. Smith shows us how to use these many simple methods of comparisons, features, triangulation and behavior to come to a conclusion. There is even a mini test at the end to help you put these methods to a use right away. This video is only about 45 minutes long but it is filled with a lot of helpful information and includes some hunting footage as well. The photos and video are comprised from many years of hunting and photographing bears and the overall quality is good. If you are looking to become a better judge of bear size and learn to tell the difference between male and female bears, this is a video you should see. We give it a solid 3 paws.