Bear'N Down 8

$ 11.99

15+ Hunts - 90 minutes
The Bear'N Down Series with Ralph & Vicki and The Posse. Can you believe that the Bear'N Down series has grown this extreme? In this DVD installment they will take you across Canada and Alaska in search of non-stop action. On the ground and in the trees action.
See what everyone has came to expect from the number one most popular bear hunting series ever produced and learn the tips and tricks to make your next bear hunting adventure a true memory.

Video Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine.
Wow, Bearn Down 8. They sure know how to put together great bear hunting videos and you know they are passionate about bears when they have been doing it this long. They do not just film their own hunts, they bring others into the sport too; in fact, there are 11 different hunters on Bearn Down 8. As usual, there are a wide range of bears taken by happy hunters, just what you would expect during a guided hunt. On some hunts there are two people with cameras filming to make you feel like you are right there with them. Ralph and Vicki invite you into their office as they talk about the hunts with co-workers and fellow Posse members. Hunts take place not only over bait from both stands and ground blinds but also by spot and stalk. Watch as a bear sticks its nose right in a ground blind and a cubs humorous attempt at getting food from a barrel. Vickis quest for a brown bear was a highlight as they talked about what it has taken to make it happen and show footage from past hunts. You see just how close she has been multiple times and can feel her emotions when it did not happen. When she finally had her bear, you knew how much it meant to her. This DVD is about 90 minutes long, showing 12 black bears taken in Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba with bow, crossbow and muzzleloader. There are also two brown bears taken in Alaska, both by women. Ralph even went home empty handed after his hunt in Quebec, proving that bear hunting can be a long waiting game. If you have seen any of the first seven from this series you will surely not want to miss this one, and if for some reason you have not seen them, it is time to get started as they are fun to watch and get you excited about your next bear hunt. We give Bearn Down 8 a well deserved 4 paws.

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