Bear'N Down 11

$ 11.99

Bear'n Down 11 takes you from BC to Quebec with bears, bears and more bears!

For over twenty years Ralph & Vicki, Archer's Choice Media and The Posse they have continued to keep it exciting and most of all real! Featuring 16 new hunts, you will see many seasoned and even first time bear hunters put their tags on some great bruins. From spot and stalk to bait hunting, from tree stands to ground action - big bears will be going down!

Video Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine.
By far, the longest series of bear hunting action is now up to Bear'N Down 11. Archer's Choice has been putting out these great bear hunting videos for years and for the first time Ralph missed a year of bear hunting. There are hunts from five provinces, from Quebec to British Columbia, with both hunts over baits and spot and stalk. Fourteen different hunters, men and women, on 17 hunts take 14 bears. Most of the bears are average and what most people will see and harvest on a guided hunt and, of course, there are some larger bears, the one we all wish for. In recent years the Bear'N Down series has included hunts with more than just archery gear, that continues with both crossbows and muzzleloaders.
Number 11 is a bit different that the previous ones, and maybe that is because Ralph wasn't hunting and there was only one hunt from Vicki. There are many new people and several first time bear hunters, something always good to see. One first time bear hunter didn't even get the chance to get into her stand as bears were already at the bait and she was able to take one from the ground with her bow, that's a bit of adrenaline. The spot and stalk hunts in British Columbia were great as we don't often see as much of that, and they were some big bears. As is the case with hunting, not everyone gets a bear and they show that as well.
This series has set the mark for bear hunting videos with overall quality, number of hunts and helpful tips. This video didn't seem to have the entire package of greatness we are accustomed to but it is still better than most bear hunting videos and we give it 3 1/2 paws.

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