Bear'N Down 10

$ 11.99

The Bear'N Down series returns with its tenth installment. For years, Ralph and Vicki, hosts of Archer's Choice and The Choice TV shows and their ACM Posse have kept you locked down with each bear adventure. Monsters bears are taken on this DVD, true seven footers and a lot of six-foot+ bears. Witness as Ralph finally gets a blonde phase bear in this two hour long DVD with 17 hunts.

Video Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine.
The Bear'N Down series continues with more great bear hunting action. It is hard to believe that they now have ten bear hunting videos, it doesn‰۪t seem that long ago when the second one came out. One thing is for sure, they always have great footage and plenty of bears. If you have seen their past videos then you will be happy to know that Ralph finally gets his blonde/cinnamon phase bear that has always eluded him. Ralph, Vicki and the Archer's Choice Posse travel across Canada and encounter plenty of bears. The spotlight is shared with many as there are 12 different hunters taking 17 black bears of various sizes and colors. Hunts in British Columbia are spot and stalk with a rifle and the others, in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec, are over bait using a bow. Ralph and Vicki again bring along some first time bear hunters and it is great to see how excited they are when they experience the bear hunting adrenaline rush. Twice, Vicki has the camera person hand her the camera when a bear is at the bait so she can film and lets them shoot their first bear. She certainly enjoys being a part of other's first bear hunting experience. On one hunt there are several cameras in different areas, giving us some neat footage. As usual, they give us several tips on bear hunting and talk a lot about shot placement, which is so very important to understand. This is a great video packed with two hours of hunts and information and it is always fun to watch the experiences of people who truly enjoy bear hunting. We give it 4 paws.

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