Bear Stalker!

$ 14.99

Bear Stalker with John McClendon, Mike Whelan and Mike Miller
* 11 hunts total - all spot and stalk
* Includes 7 archery hunts, great stalks
* Incredible black bear footage
(All fair chase hunts on mainly public land)

83 minutes of black bear hunting, lots of bears, lots of stalks, some to as close as five feet from the hunter. Join them as each hunter uses different techniques that help them be successful in the areas that they hunt. Bowhunting from the Alaska coast to the Arizona and New Mexico deserts. Go on rifle hunts, where they spot and stalk bears at a mile and stalk to within shooting distance.
By Stoney-Wolf Productions

Video Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine.
This video is all about stalking black bears, something we do not see very often and something many of us wish there was more of. It starts off on the coastline of SE Alaska stalking bears with bows then on to Arizona and New Mexico for some long-range spotting and rifle hunting. The bears of SE Alaska have rarely, if ever, seen a human and that makes for some up-close encounters while they stalk within bow range, sometimes within a few yards. There are many more stalks than kills, but that shows just how many bears they are seeing on this type of hunt and how difficult it can be. The beaches are wide open and getting to a feeding bear takes patience. Throughout the many stalks they do a good job of sharing tips to help us make this type of hunting more successful. Some of the footage they captured really gets you excited to go bear hunting. Switching to the deep canyons of the southwest it is a completely different type of hunt. Here, they find a good vantage point and glass across the canyons. Once a bear is located, maybe a mile away, they stalk as close as they can. Many of these shots are long-range and it took them two hours to get to one downed animal after negotiating the rough terrain. There are several hunts from the southwest, including one bow hunt. They also explain techniques for this type of spot and stalk hunting and the challenges it has. Most of the footage quality was good but there were some hunts that, as it got darker, were grainy and hard to see. We liked this 83 minute video more the second time around and there are plenty of stalks and bears taken. There is not much for spot and stalk black bear hunting videos available and some of it is pretty cool to watch. Plans are underway for a second video and we are looking forward to more spot and stalk black bear action. We give this one 2 1/2 paws.

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