Bear Hunters, Stalking With The Experts

$ 9.99

Stalking With The Experts With Mike Whelan
83 minutes - 10 hunts - all stalks - 3 archery - 7 rifle
By Stoney-Wolf Productions

Featuring Dave Benitz, Gene Coon, Mike Miller and Mike Whelan
In the fall they start out in the southwest to hunt bear in two widely diverse habitats. We will watch big black bear as they utilize and seek different food sources in canyons and pine forests. Glassing over huge canyon country gets you looking for big bears and long shots. Spring brings the hunters to Alaska for three archery hunts, each of which produces Pope and Young black bear. Tag along on four rifle hunts as well. On one weeks hunt, they see over sixty bears, and you will get to see them too. The scenery, the bear and all the stalks are stunning from these coastal beaches of southeast Alaska.

Video Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine.
If spot and stalk is your pleasure or if it is something you have wanted to try, then check out this video. The one big thing to finding bears, and the big bruins, is to know and locate their prime food sources, something they help us understand in the different areas hunted. The video starts out with some fall bear hunts in southern New Mexico where glassing across valleys works best. Prime bear time does not last long, making a close stalk difficult, and making long-range shooting the name of the game. Heading into areas of northern New Mexico where acorns are a prime food source, stalking into closer range is much easier. Next it is off to Southeast Alaska for a lot of bear action. Cruise around in a boat and glass for bears on the beach in the springtime or walk the salmon invested streams looking for bear in the fall. If you have ever wanted to stalk a feeding bear on the tidal flats, this will get your adrenaline going. There are both gun and bow hunts, and we all know how close you have to get to for a bow shot. Using a call is also used to entice a bear back out of the timber and toward the hunter. There are ten successful hunts and several unsuccessful stalks on this 83 minute DVD. Both men and women hunters are featured and you see quite a few bears. There is some good how-to information on stalking bears you may find useful for your next hunt. This was a good video and it is understandably harder to get great footage on some spot and stalk hunts when the hunter closes the final distance alone. There are some very good parts to this video but it could use a little more attention to detail so we give it an overall rating of 2 1/2 paws.


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