Fury In The Alders

$ 19.99

Alaskan Grizzly and Brown Bear Hunting with Billy Molls

This video is all about unforgiving country, intense hunting action and BIG bears. You will be right there on the stalk for some of the largest brown and grizzly bears in North America. This DVD covers bear hunting techniques, trophy judging, bear habits and shot placement.
Over 75 minutes of amazing hunting action with 9 exciting hunts!

Video Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine.
See what it is like to stalk the big brown and grizzly bears of Alaska with Billy Molls. You will find out just what to expect on a hunt as they glass and pursue many bears, some stalks worked out and, as hunting goes, some did not. The weather conditions in the remote areas the big bears live can be brutal and the days of glassing long, but oh what a reward and adrenaline rush when a big bear is finally down, especially for the hunter who took his bear on day 16 of a 10 day hunt (and that is not a misprint). This 75 minute DVD covers both spring and fall hunts and Billys 11 years of guiding experience comes through as he talks about hunting techniques, tips on judging these big bears (including determining age group, size and sex) as well as shot placement and caliber, bullet and scope choices. There are eight bears taken on film, some in the huge category, and two others that happened too quick to film but the hunter talks about while cherishing his trophy. Most of the hunts are with gun but there is one close up encounter of a bowhunter and a really big bear that is exciting to watch. If you have a fascination with the big brown and grizzly bears of Alaska, then you must get this one. It is fun to watch and it gets you dreaming of someday getting the opportunity to pursue the big bears in Alaska for yourself. We give this video a solid 3 paws as we know the next one will be even better.

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