A Bear Hunter's Guide to the Universe

$ 19.00

Crazy tales from Uncle Geddy and the Bear Mountain Gang

 First published in Bear Hunting Magazine, Uncle Geddy's crazy tales of the hunt and real life are gathered here in one volume.

            This book's chapters reveal hitherto unknown secrets about ghosts, family planning, how to afford a gun a month, how to break-in a new hunting car, getting in touch with inner feelings and getting in touch with extra-terrestrials. Also, in these pages, Uncle Geddy reveals age-old secrets like what does a couple bare do in the woods and how to communicate with a hunting dog.

            The author's appreciation of outdoor life began in early boyhood when his father took him on a grouse hunt and missed twelve shots at a bird sitting on a tree branch. "Don't you ever tell anyone about this," his dad said. The author went hungry that night, but he learned he could buy groceries by selling hunting stories.  

 Gary Lewis is the author of the award-winning books Hunting Oregon, John Nosler Going Ballistic, Black Bear Hunting and more. He writes a newspaper column, hosts a television show and his stories have appeared in Sports Afield, Rifle, Bear Hunting Magazine, Cabela's Outfitter Journal, American Handgunner and others. 

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