2020 Issue 4 July/August


The July/August 2020 issue of Bear Hunting Magazine is a fun and useful issue including how to build a bait barrel, how to make black bear chaps, how to cure a bear ham, etc.  This is one of our most diverse issues to date.


  • Airguns, Hounds & Horses | by Levi Sim
  • Hunting Bears Using Llamas | by Kevin Farron
  • Sheep Hunt of the South | by Clay Newcomb
  • Wall Tents | by Timothy Fowler
  • How to Build a Bait Barrel | by Kolby Morehead
  • Bear Hide Chaps | by Josh Spielmaker
  • Cured Bear Ham | by Clay Newcomb
  • Legendary Bear Hound Part 32: Mcdonnell's Rooster Cogburn | by Steve Fielder


  • How to Become a Bear Hunter | How to Skin a Bear
  • The Strategic Bear Hunter | New Thoughts on Bear Home Ranges
  • Western Bear Hunting | The Struggle: Lessons Learned
  • Bear Guns | .338 Winchester Magnum
  • Bruin Destinations | Arizona - Canyon State Bruins
  • In Hot Pursuit | In Defense of GPS Collars
  • Grizzly Country | High Shots, Wet Rifles, & Dirty Underwear

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