2020 Issue 3 May/June


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The May/June 2020 issue of Bear Hunting Magazine features Tennessee mountain bear hunter Eldridge Cutchall.   Eldridge talks about bear dogs, his old hunting buddies, and what he's learned as a hound hunter. We also recorded a podcast with this legendary bear hunter in episode 76 of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast.


  • Tough Times - Covid 19 | by Brian Strickland
  • Doubling Down in Bear Country | by Josh Kirchner
  • Beginner's Luck | by Johnny "Utah" Mulligan
  • Bear Fat Tortilla Recipe | by Michael Vialpando
  • Legendary Bear Hounds Part 31: Brushy Mountain Eagle | by Steve Fielder


  • How to Become a Bear Hunter | Understanding Bear Tracks & Trails
  • The Strategic Bear Hunter | Using Cameras on Bait Sites
  • Western Bear Hunting | Western Learning Curves
  • Bruin Destinations | New Hampshire - White Mountain Bruins
  • In Hot Pursuit | Getting Skunked (A bathing recipe for a skunk-sprayed hound)
  • Grizzly Country | Savor the Moment

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