2021 Issue 3 May/June


Sold Out


A Clear-Headed Woman with a Rabbit Gun | by Tim Fowler
I Loved Him Like a Brother | by Matt Taylor
Off Season Scouting in the Appalachians | by John Baugus
Two Hound Bear Pack | by Danny Boppe
Double Take | by By Sami Jo Endicott
4 - Ingredient Bear Fat Lye Soap | by Kolby Morehead
About a Bear Hunt | by Christie Holmes
Legendary Bear Hound Part 37: Bear River Tazz | by Steve Fielder
Fighting Dirty | By Brian Lynn of the Sportsman's Alliance


The Strategic Bear Hunter | Pros & Cons of Late Season Bear Baiting
Western Bear Hunting | Idaho Pay Dirt
Bear Guns | 6.5 PRC
Bruin Destinations | Manitoba's Mid-Canada Black Bears
Fleshing it Out | A Peek in my Pack
In Hot Pursuit | A Split Race

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