2023 Issue 3 May/June


Every Hunt is a Predator Hunt | by Jake Downs
Ozark Bear Den Visit | by Joleen Morehead
Opportunity Meets Tradition | by William Barber
Beyond the Acorns | by Jillian Garrett
Coincidence? | by Dawson Smith
Legendary Bear Hounds Part 49: Templeton's Wild Buford (Hank) | by Steven Fielder
Black Bear Hand Pies | by Timothy D. Fowler

The Strategic Bear Hunter | 'How I Got This Way' | by Bernie Barringer
Becoming a Bear Hunter | 'Tracking Wounded Bears' | by Douglas Boze
Black Bear Biology-  'Nothing New Under the Sun' | By Jenn Ballard
Western Bear Hunting -  | 'Back to Basics' | By Jana Waller
Bruin Destinations | 'New Brunswick - Maritime Bruins' | By Al Raychard
Sacred Pursuit 'Breeding to a Standard' | By TL Jones
In Hot Pursuit | 'No Foot, No Dog' | by Barry 'Bear' Siragusa

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