2022 Issue 5 September/October


Endearment | by Josh Kirchner
Give Her a High (Twenty) Five | by Marlene Odahlen-Hinz
64 Years a Bear Hunter | by Ben Sheets
SJ's First Bear | by SJ With Help by Mom
Ace in the Hole | by Douglas Boze
Legendary Bear Hound: Hyatt's Cracker | by Steven Fielder
Grandma's Meatballs | by Tim Fowler
Six Ingredient Bear Grease Chapstick | by Joleen Morehead
Sheep Feet for the Win | by Kolby Morehead

Bowhunting Bear | 'What is Minnesota Doing with Bear Hunting?' | by Bernie Barringer- Bear Guru
Western Bear Hunting | 'Tapping into Western Fall Bruins' | By Brian Strickland -Western Hunter
Bruin Destinations | 'Colorado - Mile High Bruins' | By Al Raychard- Bear Hunting Veteran
Fleshing it Out | 'Take a Kid Along' | By Timothy Fowler - Renaissance Man
In Hot Pursuit | 'How to Manage Your Bear Hounds in High Temps' | by Barry 'Bear' Siragusa

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