2021 Issue 4 July/August


Pistols & Hounds in Utah | by Jana Waller
In-Season Keys to Hunting Appalachia | by John Baugus
The Mountain Laughed | by James Jurban
Video Research on Bear Predation | by Wade Nolan
Overlooked Western Bear Hunting | by Jake Horton
Bear Hunting on Ebikes | by John Murphy
Culinary Metamorphosis | by Tim Fowler
Legendary Bear Hound Part 38: Cascade Big Timber| by Steve Fielder
Don't Boil, Macerate | By Kolby Morehead

The Strategic Bear Hunter | How Long Should I Bait Before Season?
Western Bear Hunting | Are You Physically Ready?
Bear Guns | 7mm Rem Mag
Bruin Destinations | Maryland Bears
Fleshing it Out | Maine Getting Closer to Target
In Hot Pursuit | Tone Training a Pup

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