2021 Issue 1 January/February


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The January - February 2021 issue of Bear Hunting Magazine will not disappoint. Check out all of the great topics below and order your copy today!


Bears & Gobblers | by Clay Newcomb
One Last Grizzly | by Paul Atkins
Extreme Utility | by Timothy Fowler
Bear Scat Sherlock | by Timothy Fowler
Bear Dogs East Versus West | by Clay Newcomb
Three Phases of the Spring | by Clay Newcomb
Covid Bear| by Gunther Tondelair
DIY Bear Baculum | by Kolby Morehead
Legendary Bear Hound Part 35: Swiger's Lucky Duke | by Steve Fielder


How to Become a Bear Hunter | Is Bear Hunting Different Than Deer Hunting?
The Strategic Bear Hunter | Milestones for Bear Hunters
Western Bear Hunting | Picking the Right Outfitter
Bear Guns | 6.5 - 300 Weatherby
Bruin Destinations | Spring Hunting in Maine
In Hot Pursuit | Late Season Bear

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